Hi there!
I'm Saska, a 24 year old dutch girl and have had a love/hate relationship with my body and weight since my teen years. I've never been extremely overweight, but also never been completely satisfied with my body and weight. When after traveling my scale showed me that I weighed 77 kilo's, this totally struck me! I've always been balancing around 70-73 kilo's, but this was getting out of control. I decided to start eating better; more veggies, less meat and to start running again. When starting this blog, I've been into this process on and off for about 1,5 months, and so far have lost 2,5 kilo's. My ideal weight would be around 65 kilo's.

Another goal was getting fit! I've started running again, and oh my, was I out of shape! I had to start from scratch, but so far so good! I've even made a goal for myself to do a 5K run next year, so the determination and the kick under my butt are definitely there now! One day, I would love to run a marathon, preferably the one in NY (who doesn't want that?) but I'm taking it step by step.

Some other facts about me
In September I'm starting two master degrees, namely: MSc. International Economics & Business and MSc. International Financial Management.

I absolutely love to travel, see different places of the world and experience different cultures. So far I've visited around 9 European countries, and 8 countries outside Europe. High on my wishlist are Russia, Nepal&Tibet and Myanmar. I would also love to make some city trips in the nearby future: London and Rome, I'll hopefully soon visit you!

"Success is not the key to Happiness, Happiness is the key to success.
 If you love what you are doing, You will be successful"
- Buddha - 

If you would like to reach out to me, my e-mail address is: workthathealth@gmail.com

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