Sunday, September 07, 2014

Back to Uni

I know it has been a while, three weeks to be exact! Sometimes life just becomes hectic and you have to set some priorities. In these three weeks, I've visited a friend in Düsseldorf, Germany, for a couple of days. I've had a cold for about 1,5 weeks and have just had the first week of being back to university. Being away for a couple of days, being ill and the stress that comes from uni made me less able to focus on my healthy eating and sporting. I've been longing to get running again, but with a sore throat that is not really the best option out there.. But today, I have sort of a day off, to just focus on myself, get relaxing, eat healthy and go for a run now that the sun is out from time to time! :)
University of Groningen, Academy building
I would like to ramble a bit about university, being a student, especially here in the Netherlands, and the pressure that we're constant on. So, here I am, having been part of student life for over 5 years already. And I can tell you, it hasn't always been easy. I don't know what its like elsewhere, but here in the Netherlands there is quite a lot of pressure on students to not only have good grades, but also work on your resume outside of university. Think about doing committees, maybe even become a board member (or preferably Chairman) at your student association or sports club, being active in sports, or "simply" working next to studying is all very important if you want to get a job in my field (business/economics).

Oh and I forgot to mention having experiences living abroad is also a very big plus. Not only is it mandatory to live in a foreign country for half a year in most internationally oriented studies, it would be even better if you've also traveled around and have seen different cultures. Now for me, this is not really that much of a downside, I love travelling, seeing different cultures, experiencing how it is to life somewhere else, but I can imagine that some people do not really want to leave.
Reading loads of articles :)
 And now, here I am, being back from a year off, back to university. I've just started 2 (!) masters, another thing that has become increasingly popular, in the beginning of September. The next two months are going to be the hardest (I think...) of them all, having 4 courses, studying around 70 hours a week. And also here I find myself, applying for a conference of a study association, thinking about doing a committee on another. Maybe getting back into tennis? Or would running and yoga be enough for the moment? I guess I just still have too much energy from just starting this new exciting phase in my academical career to not think properly... But on the other side, needing to look for an internship to write my theses at is just around the corner, and than I need to find a job.. Do I have the right resume? Am I interesting for companies? I guess only time will tell!
Downside: needing to study when the weather is beautiful.
Right now I was so jealous of all the people sitting in the sun!
Sorry, I just needed to get this off my chest in my small personal space on the internet. I am still very grateful for being able to study! Next time, I'll focus a bit more on health and sports again! Or would you like to see some pictures and tips on Düsseldorf?