Monday, August 18, 2014

Food Diary #1

As I love Instagram so much, I make a lot of pictures from my meals. I thought it would be nice to share them with you. This will also help me keep on track and keep bad food out of my kitchen cupboards! Here is my food diary of the past week.

Sunday 10th of August
I found some lovely blueberries on sale at the supermarket, so I grabbed them and combined them with yogurt, muesli, cocos fibers and cacao nibs for breakfast, yumm! For lunch I had a quinoa salad mixed with some spring onions, kidney beans and cherry tomatoes.

A few months ago I had a courgette pasta dish, and loved it so much that I wanted to make it myself as well. I never had a julienne peeler, but recently found one. Tonight was the night to try it out, and it works so well! I combined the courgette pasta(or courgetti as some call it) with some pesto, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes. As dessert I had an apple (pink lady's are my fav!) and a banana.

Monday 11th of August
Today was a bit boring in food terms. I had leftovers from the day before, so its basically the same all over again. At least this way I know that I will eat healthy as it saves me time cooking. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but sometimes if I'm really hungry I tend to grab something quick over cooking something healthy.

I changed my breakfast a little this morning and combined the blueberries with cacao nibs, goji berries and yogurt. As lunch I had a little of the leftover pasta of yesterday, and made up the plate nicely with some basil leaves. For dinner I had the quinoa salad I had for lunch yesterday. As an afternoon snack I had some raisins and crackers (they have Italian herbs and sea salt in/on them).

Tuesday 12th of August
I started off the morning by trying something new. Rice crackers with salmon and avocado, it was great! Totally love this breakfast! For lunch I had a salad of paprika, cucumber, tomatoes, a bit of avocado and some salmon. I topped it off with some basil leaves, just for picture purposes of course!

In the evening, I had dinner with a friend. She made a chicken burger, some salad (lettuce, tomatoes, paprika and cucumber) and cooked some potatoes. Lovely and pretty healthy! After dinner, we went to the city center to listen to some music. This week there was a welcoming week for new students, which means lots of parties and activities in the city center. As I'm already being a student for 5 years now, I feel pretty old between all of those newbies! We had a beer there, and after a cup of tea at home.

Wednesday 13th of August
Sorry, I forgot to make a picture of my breakfast! It was again rice crackers, but this time only with some salmon. For lunch I had a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, paprika, cucumber and made some chicken to go with it. In the afternoon I had a bit of chocolate, because otherwise I would not eat enough calories today... I love this one as it has 78% cocoa, is fair trade and produced carbon neutral! Apart from that, cocoa has a lot of beneficial antioxidants. It helps against aging, stress, improve blood pressure and possibly even lower cholesterol. This all makes it even more yummie!

For dinner I had again chicken (leftover from lunch), some salad and made some fries from sweet potato. It was pretty weird that the potato was not orange inside, but still tasted lovely whatsoever.  I used coconut oil to bake the chicken and sweet potato fries. Definitely going to eat more sweet potato, they are absolutely delish!

Thursday 14th of August
In the morning I had a bowl of yogurt, and threw in some blueberries and strawberries which were still in the fridge, and topped it of with some delish cacao nibs! For lunch I made these buckwheat pancakes (10 in total! also for the upcoming days) and added some summer fruits on top with some cinnamon, to prevent my blood sugar levels from peaking to much.

In the evening I felt a bit oriental. I still had these shrimps in the fridge, so decided to cook some rice noodles to go with them. I heated up some coconut oil and threw sugar snaps, bean sprouts, spring onions, a normal onion and a egg in there. As a sauce I squeezed a lime and added some soy sauce. Lovely and very filling dinner!

Friday 15th of August
In the morning I went for a run, and tried out my new hemp protein afterwards (mixed it up with almond milk and gave it a little shake). That was about it for breakfast... I know, I should have eaten more, but I just wasn't so hungry! For lunch I ate pancakes again! This time with strawberries and blueberries (and again cinnamon!), aren't those fruits just to die for? They taste soo GOOD! For dinner I still had sugar snaps and bean sprouts left of the day before. So again (very boring I know!) I cooked some rice noodles and added the veggies to it. Mixed it up today by topping it off with some peanuts instead of shrimps.

My housemate and very good friend bought me this mug for my birthday! Isn't it great? Its pretty, and a lot of tea fits in there, perfect for cold winter days, or just have a nice cuppa tea while writing blog posts. I recently discovered Clipper tea, a friend of mine had it, and when I saw it on discount I needed to grab some! I bought white tea with a vanilla flavor, and white tea with a orange flavor. They are both great! Recently have been looking into all the additives into our food and consumption articles, and the best about this tea is that the teabags are not bleached (good for the environment!). Apart from that, the tea is also organically grown, YEY!

Saturday 16th of August
There were still a few buckwheat pancakes left, so treated myself to a nice breakfast. Again with the strawberries and blueberries! Even though it wasn't my cheat day, I bought a nice small bread, took the white stuff from the inside out (never like that, it always gets so sticky, yuk!) and filled it with some goat cheese, walnuts and honey. Put it into the oven for a little while to let the cheese melt, then added some lettuce and voila! Lunch is served! :)

For dinner I made a bed of lettuce, cut up a pear, added the rest of my goat cheese, walnuts and honey (inspired by @foodsyou from instagram!). Oh my, this was lovely, and so very filling! In the evening I watched CSI with my housemate and ate some lovely chocolate.

Just realized that I didn't eat a lot of fruit as snacks last week, so I need to pay some attention to that :) I hope you liked this sneak peak into my eating life! If you want to have a recipe of something, please let me know! Any suggestions for healthy and delish meals are also very welcome!


  1. This is a fantastic way of recording what you ate! I must try it out, thanks for sharing your photos are fab btw! Wednesday was my fave day hehe

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thanks! Haha, Wednesday was certainly a great day foodwise! :)

  2. Love this, all your meals looked amazing, you presented them so well! It's making me feel a little guilty about all the rubbish I've eaten lately though haha. You're definitely inspiring me to get back onto healthy eating x

    1. Thank you! Once you like to look at what you eat, it surely tastes a lot better! :) Not that it's always this great looking..

  3. oh my! what a lovely blog you have! thanks for comment in my blog! I really like your blog! new follower! Perfect pics and I am sure i will get some good ideas from you. thanks xx

    1. Thank you so much! Really like you blog too! :)

  4. This all looks amazing!

  5. Everything looks so yummy!

    New post on my blog it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)

  6. Oh goodness, everything looks amazing. I wish I was motivated enough to make my own meals, blaaaah. Love your blog by the way :D


  7. these meals look so delicious and healthy!

  8. The courgette pasta looks amazing, I need to have a go at making this. Thank you for the fabulous meal inspiration xx


    1. I absolutely love it! It's like the perfect side dish :)

  9. everything looks delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing!